Category: Photography

The Drones

What a great concept for a shoot! I love concepts that take an idea from the past and apply it to present day and also use that to encourage us to think about potentially important issues that are happening in society. This photo shoot was produced by Plastik Studios, a […]

Meaningful Advertising

Love this very effective advertising campaign. Sometimes advertising can be used to help the community and not just to generate revenue. The message here is clear and direct about the topic that is being addressed. There are times when the message needs to be “In your face” to get a […]

The Art of a Location Shoot

I always love a a great location shoot, especially when it involves architecture. There is nothing like shooting outside in the elements. Form, line, color, space and texture, all the basic elements that create art. Let’s not also forget the amazing light, shadow and perspective that is discovered as well. […]

M.C. Escher Photo Shoot

Photo shoot from Details magazine. Love the set. It has as an M.C. Escher feel and look to it. Nice simple and solid colors that keep your eyes focused on what’s important.

The Future of Photography

Interesting little video that takes a look at where photography is going in the future. It’s already happening with our smart phones and is just going to continue with time. What I like best about the camera phone is that I can document my life, interests and inspiration for my […]

X-Ray Photography

A very interesting take on photography. The best part is at the end of the video where you can see his gallery showing. Very very cool how he mixes the photography with the photographed object. Love it!