I am a graduate from Metro State University of Denver with a degree in Communication Design. My goal in college was always to find a career path that would allow me to be creative but in a larger capacity. I am a hands on kind of guy, passionate, motivated, energetic, positive and always looking to create and be part of fresh, exciting and big ideas, whatever that may be! So, while I was educating myself, I made sure that I applied what I was learning, at the time, to real life experiences. I started freelancing as soon as I knew how to use the design software and worked on projects and internships on a regular basis to hone my skills with real problems and solutions. School is one thing, but to be able to really get your hands dirty is another. I have always been a proponent of “I would rather work on creative project, than sit in front of the TV” mentality. During the last 10 years from college until the present, I have enjoyed building my career as a simple graphic designer into a well-rounded Creative/Art Director.

Today, I have stretched my breathe of abilities into a “One Stop Shop” (Creative/Art Direction, Photography, Post-production and Graphic/Layout Design), yet still focusing in a particular area without diluting myself with TOO much variation. I think that in today’s creative job market, companies are asking for an individual to be able to do so many skills that I feel focused talents are getting watered down, so a good compromise is good to have. I have taken one step at a time mastering each area and in the end bringing it all together into one seamless process. I am able to brainstorm the project creatively, direct the art accordingly, photograph the images beautifully, edit the photographs wisely and then design and layout the end result concretely. The best part of this is that I can either do it myself or oversee the whole process with a team.

For five years I was the Art Director for 303 Magazine. I came on board with the magazine seven months into its inception when it was just a half size pocket book with a distribution total of just 2,000. During that time I had the exciting opportunity to grow the small booklet into a full size publication with a distribution of 20,000 and directing an art department staff of a minimum of twenty employees at one time. Becoming the art director for 303 was not a first time achievement for me. It was my past job experiences that really led me to acquiring the position. Every job that I had held since college led me to a management position in a variety of thriving businesses including a jazz club, night club and now a local city magazine. Within those businesses, I was able to gain other important experience involving marketing, PR, advertising and day to day operations. It is this secondary experience that has built me into a valuable and well-rounded individual with an overall understanding of how a business operates beyond my skill set.

After 303 Magazine, I was hired on by Sontec Instruments. My goal there was to rebrand the business and reorganize the creative department. I streamlined the creative department including graphic design, website, marketing and advertising. I also was able to assist in making the IT department more efficient by improving the office communications with issues involving general everyday user problems with the work stations in the office. Prior to my arrival at Sontec, the material and content being used to promote and market the company was very dated and needed some updating to today’s standards. There was also a need to reorganize and overhaul the work flow and processes that are needed to allow the creative department to be more productive and efficient. As of today, Sontec Instruments is a solid brand with a consistent look and feel to it and with an organized and efficient work flow and process.

At the end of the day, my experiences have taken me on an exciting adventure with a wide variety of clients and projects. I have worked with clients ranging from Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge, a small independent jazz club to DGL Products Inc., a large multi-million dollar lip balm company. I have worked on wonderfully successful photo shoots with a budget as little as $200, to shoots with a budget as much as $20,000, instilling the same standards of quality that I expect in all my work. I believe in keeping my work and my relationships real and honest. My portfolio is designed to reflect my growth and showcase my range of skill and talent.

Now on to my next adventure…

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William A. Foster