Spacey Advertising

Another great advertising campaign that serves a good purpose in promoting education. Always nice to see advertising working for a good cause. I like the concept of the mind/head in relation to the solar system’s elements as one. Creative, art direction, photography and post work is spot on. 

Meaningful Advertising

Love this very effective advertising campaign. Sometimes advertising can be used to help the community and not just to generate revenue. The message here is clear and direct about the topic that is being addressed. There are times when the message needs to be “In your face” to get a point across so that it grabs the viewer’s attention. The layered photography concept is a great way to tell the story in a narrative way in just one image. Well done!

Typography 4

Love this type solution from a “Harpers Bazaar” layout. Typography is a valuable & necessary skill to have in the design world. Typography can be used for a minimal and bold statement piece like a poster and opening of a layout or an all encompassing solution that carries throughout an entire system. If one is able to master it well, beautiful results will occur!

The Art of a Location Shoot

I always love a a great location shoot, especially when it involves architecture. There is nothing like shooting outside in the elements. Form, line, color, space and texture, all the basic elements that create art. Let’s not also forget the amazing light, shadow and perspective that is discovered as well. (Photos/Ad: J Brand Jeans)