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Typography 4

Love this type solution from a “Harpers Bazaar” layout. Typography is a valuable & necessary skill to have in the design world. Typography can be used for a minimal and bold statement piece like a poster and opening of a layout or an all encompassing solution that carries throughout an […]

Typographic Chairs

As always the interior design at the Sky Hotel in Aspen is great. They just did an update to the lobby and replaced the fabric, on their well known high backed chairs, to a typographic design.

Detailed Design

I have always been a fan of this designed page in Details magazine. Lots of variety in typography, graphics and color on an all black background.

Posterize 3

I really enjoy design work that has imagery within another design element whether it be another image or typography. Its the layering of the elements that make it fun. Oh yah, and I am looking forward to seeing this movie! David Fincher is so good.

Twisted Swan

So Black Swan was great, as I was expecting. Darren Aronofsky at his finest keeping to his style and feel, raw and dark (Pi & Requiem for a Dream). Nice to see a director sticking to his roots and not letting Hollywood influence him in the wrong ways. He really […]