Category: Fashion

The Drones

What a great concept for a shoot! I love concepts that take an idea from the past and apply it to present day and also use that to encourage us to think about potentially important issues that are happening in society. This photo shoot was produced by Plastik Studios, a […]

The Art of a Location Shoot

I always love a a great location shoot, especially when it involves architecture. There is nothing like shooting outside in the elements. Form, line, color, space and texture, all the basic elements that create art. Let’s not also forget the amazing light, shadow and perspective that is discovered as well. […]

M.C. Escher Photo Shoot

Photo shoot from Details magazine. Love the set. It has as an M.C. Escher feel and look to it. Nice simple and solid colors that keep your eyes focused on what’s important.

Nail Jewelry

I just love Cartier’s new line of nail inspired jewelry. This one is so great. Next purchase for my lovely wife. Does this come in silver?!

Cartier Commercial

Beautiful Cartier commercial. Love the surreal fantasy look and feel of it all. Would love to work on a project like that. My favorite part is when the leopard turns real and shakes off all the diamonds. Very cool.