Category: Advertising

Meaningful Advertising

Love this very effective advertising campaign. Sometimes advertising can be used to help the community and not just to generate revenue. The message here is clear and direct about the topic that is being addressed. There are times when the message needs to be “In your face” to get a […]

Nail Jewelry

I just love Cartier’s new line of nail inspired jewelry. This one is so great. Next purchase for my lovely wife. Does this come in silver?!

Cartier Commercial

Beautiful Cartier commercial. Love the surreal fantasy look and feel of it all. Would love to work on a project like that. My favorite part is when the leopard turns real and shakes off all the diamonds. Very cool.

New Absolut Ad Campaign

I have always loved the “Absolut” vodka campaign since I was in college. The new campaign is not as good as the old classic campaign but it still has the same creative wit. Here is a new video campaign that I thought was fun.

Pugs & Louis

So I have to post this. First of all, I am a proud pug owner and love them. Secondly, my Lady is a proud Louis Vuitton owner and loves them. And last but not least, thirdly, I am a proud Art Director and love this beautiful ad. Enough said.